Monday, December 22, 2008

Great X-mas gifts for Foodies

Just a couple of days before X-mas and still wondering what you are going to buy for your favorite Foodies?

Why not contribute to feed those less fortunate in your Foodie's name?

The Hunger Site, for example, has some wonderful gift ideas that contribute to the Spirit of Christmas. Share some of your resources and skip that unnecessary ginger grater, crumb sweeper, or pancake dispenser. Give the gift of food to those who really need it!

Is your Foodie in love with honey? Why not give him/her some bees? Oxfam has a great gift idea to help people in Malawi start a bee farm.

If honey is not your Foodie's thing, how about fruit? Help people in East Timor plant fruit trees!

For more great ideas read Emma Gilchrist's article here.

Have a nice and sharing X-mas!

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