Monday, January 4, 2010

Meat, meat, meat!

Just discovered an interesting website, Grassfed Recipes, with lots of good info and tips for us omnivores. I love meat! And I'll probably be harassed by vegans for just stating facts but I do love meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and most anything eatable from our planet's fauna. I also love plants, specially green leaves, and fruits, and... lots of other stuff.

However, at home we try to be as Environmentally Friendly as possible and this means we only eat grassfed meat. Yes, grassfed meat is more expensive... yes, it is harder to get a hold of (at least it has been until recently)... yes, it is tastier, juicier, more nutritious... On the other hand, we do have pretty good access to wild meat since hunting is a very popular activity in Sweden.

So, we eat meat but with a good conscience!

On Twelfth Night we had a small gathering of friends, some omnivores and some vegetarians, and I decided to simplify our evening by making a large pot of chili for the meat-eaters and a smaller one for the veggie-lovers. Since I want to mingle and spend time with my guests I seldom have sit-down dinners and instead arrange self-serve foods that each one can pick and choose from whenever they get hungry during the evening. Our friends are invited to come with their kids, pets, in-laws -you name it! And everyone can find something to their liking at out home.

Recipes will be coming up soon!