Monday, December 15, 2008

Roberto Santibañez's wonderful recipes

My good friend Roberto Santibañez, former culinary director of Rosa Mexicano in New York, has published a long-awaited cookbook: Rosa's New Mexican Table. This nominee to the James Beard Foundation Awards 2008 is a wonderfully fresh contribution to the publications that deal with Mexican food in English.

Though Roberto's recipes were created for a restaurant kitchen, his cookbook has all the elements needed for cooking Mexican food in the home. All recipes are carefully explained and are followed by tips and ideas on how to serve the different dishes and drinks. Several Mexican cooking techniques are presented in an easy-to-understand manner that will assist even the most novice home cook. The photographs are beautiful and illustrate not only the finished courses but also techniques and ingredients indispensable to Mexican cooking.

As a modern chef, Roberto follows the true Mexican culinary traditions but adds his own touch while creating new combinations of taste and textures that are very refreshing. Just check-out his "Seared Duck Breasts with Pecan-Prune Mole" or his "Lobster in 'Little Adobo' ", two examples well-suited for the contemporary Foodie.

This is not another coffee-table cookbook among the others. It is a book to read, enjoy, get inspired by, and use, truly use, in your own kitchen.

As we say in Swedish,

Smaklig måltid!

PS: Don't forget to visit the publisher's Web site for more inspiring publications!

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