Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mexican Lunch in Sweden

Take a look at this menu:

Michoacán style salad and guacamole stew pots (Cazuelitas de salpicón y guacamole)
Mexican style fish soup (Sopa amarilla)
Chicken breasts in poblano chili sauce (Pechuga en sala de chile poblano)
'Tiramisu pirata'

Sounds good? Well, that's what I had for lunch yesterday at the residence of the Mexican Ambassador in Sweden. I meet some interesting people, all of whom have some connection or other with Mexico; for example, one has written a dissertation on the symbolism of the jaguar in ancient Maya religion, another is working on environmental issues in Veracruz. It was great to spend a few hours in the company of Mexico-fans!

But the best part was the Ambassadors explanation of why the dessert is named 'Tiramisu pirata'. Since it is a copy of the original Italian, some ingredients are substituted or added, and no one wants to be accused of piracy, specially not in relation to recipes and food, it was decided to add the term 'pirate' to the name. So, everyone knew that is was a 'pirate copy' from the start!

Mexico is celebrating several big events in 2010: the 200th anniversary of the country's Independence from Spanish rule and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Those of us who had lunch with the Ambassador will be contributing as much as possible to the celebrations here in Sweden. And I will be working on the Mexican Food theme! Life is good!

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